About Morison Healthcare

At Morison Healthcare, We focus on addressing the quality of human life and economic cost of wounds. We supply innovative and reliable products that help healthcare professionals improve the quality of care.

Our business products are numerous and could be classified under Wound care Solutions, Trauma /Athroplasty, Bone graft, Merchandising of Medical Equipment and Surgical tools all from our foreign partners.

The Consumer Healthcare business adds a dynamic dimension to our company and for all of our products, the motivation behind our consumer healthcare business is science.

Our Advanced Wound Management business offers a range of products from initial wound bed preparation through to full wound closure.

These products are targeted at chronic wounds associated with the older population, such as pressure sores, diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. There are also products for the treatment of wounds such as burns and from invasive surgery that impact the wider population.

We merchandise hip, knee and shoulder joints implants as well as ancillary products such as bone cement. Whether through extending the life and functionality of implants, improving operating room efficiency, or promoting faster healing and other clinical outcomes, our products provide solutions to active patients seeking to regain their quality of life while enhancing economic value for all of our customers.

We merchandise bone cement and biomaterials for elective orthopaedic and trauma surgery. As a result, the company makes an essential contribution by improving the surgical outcome in bone and joint surgery leading to an improvement in the patients health-related quality of life. Furthermore, this may lead to a reduction in healthcare costs.

Bone cement attaches a prosthesis to a prepared bone bed. Both the quality of cementing technique and that of the bone cement are crucial for the service life of the prosthesis.

We plan in the nearest future to expand our horizon in the healthcare sector by tapping into existing and innovative businesses yet to be fully experienced. Morison will one day become a household name in every hospitals, clinics and medical centres.

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